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Tetra for Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Elemental-Aura Tetra for Super Smash Bros Ultimate :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 3 0 Surtr SSBU Request by Elemental-Aura Surtr SSBU Request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 2 0 Ultra Necrozma SSBU Request by Elemental-Aura Ultra Necrozma SSBU Request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 6 2 Makoto Nanaya SSBU Request by Elemental-Aura Makoto Nanaya SSBU Request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 9 1 Zeraora SSBU Request by Elemental-Aura Zeraora SSBU Request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 6 1 Tethu and Esna SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Tethu and Esna SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 7 4 Mayor Pauline SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Mayor Pauline SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 11 3 Marina and Pearl SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Marina and Pearl SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 15 1 Mushashi and Jinrai SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Mushashi and Jinrai SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 4 3 Revali SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Revali SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 7 1 Daruk SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Daruk SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 5 1 Mipha SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Mipha SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 7 2 Urbosa SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Urbosa SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 9 1 Kiran SSBU requests by Elemental-Aura Kiran SSBU requests :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 3 0 Veronica SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Veronica SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 7 0 Alm and Celica SSBU request by Elemental-Aura Alm and Celica SSBU request :iconelemental-aura:Elemental-Aura 5 2


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Tetra for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Tetra from The Legend of Zelda series

Toon Link is representing his own version of the Legend of Zelda series in Smash. But Maybe Tetra can come in a help his representation. With a cutlass sword and pistol Tetra is no Zelda clone or just another sword user.

I'm sure Sakurai can make a unique moveset for Tetra. And besides I never saw Sheik ever using needles or a chain-whip attached to a grenade in Ocarina of Time. (I was hoping they change Sheik to her more Hyrule Warriors version with the kunai knives and elemental harp music attacks, it would feel more like Sheik)

I'm NOT planning to take any requests FOR NOW. My work life is kind of hectic right now and I want to the characters I would like to do first. So after I do the characters I want to do and if I'm feeling bored and have any free time from my work afterwards I might take some requests. I mean feel free to leave requests, but don't expect them to be fulfilled.
Surtr SSBU Request
Sutr from Fire Emblem: Heroes

Request from myself

As I said before in Veronica…

Well, this man certainly brings the fire in Fire Emblem

Yes I'm aware that Fire Emblem: Heroes is an app, but Fire Emblem is video game originated first, it's a pass to me
Since we have Fire Emblem characters from different games and timelines, why not have a villain that is a threat to all of them. Since Fire Emblem:Heroes is about recruiting allies across all the Fire Emblem games. He's an axe wieldserr, that's also a villain? Further promoting Nintendo games on the Mobile Apps. I'm completely on board for that.

Seriously imagine all the Fire Emblem sword fighters trying to gang up Surtr and Surtr attacks all of them with one quick swipe of his sythe. I can possibly see Robin and Corrin standing a chance against him. Robin attacking him in the distance with his tombs and Corrin attacking with his dragon attacks

Want to request? Read here 
Ultra Necrozma SSBU Request
Ultra Necrozma from Pokémon: UltraSun and UltraMoon

Request from :ultimatemariosonic: 

Bravo GameFreak, bravo Pokémon Company, the last Legendary Pokémon that managed to send shivers down my spine (especially Platinum's intro). But you managed to make me, (a mid-20's man) fear a Legendary Pokemon again. Also Ultra Necrozma's theme and hard fight just added  the fear factor

And epic stage idea based on Ultra Necrozma would be. We start the fight on the Alter of the Sunne/Munne, depending on the time of day a Solgaleo or Lunala appear on the alter, then Necrozma show up than fight Solgaleo?Lunala (their fight could be like the UlrraSun/UltraMoon cutscene fight. We have to fight the centre of the stage, because that is where Necrozma will crash Solgaleo/Lunala before transforming into Dusk Mane/Dawn Wins Necrozma, then Necrozma will open an Ultra Wormhole and travel in it. A platform will appear beneath the fighters and will chase after Necrozma through the Ultra Wormhole, althouigh in the Ultra Wormhole we need to avoid being attacked by the electrical orbs.

We chase Necozma all the way all to the top of Ultra Megalopolis Tower, where Necrozma will transform into Ultra Necrozma and will be a stage hazard like Metal Face in Gaur Plains or Ridley in Pyrosphere. We will be able to take Necrozma out, but will be difficult just like Metal Face and Ridley in their stages

Want to request Read here 
Makoto Nanaya SSBU Request
Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue

Wow, who would've that MARVEL's Squirrel Girl appeared in a different video-game. Well I guess she has to do something until either her movie or tv show comes out

Request from :iconmryoshi1996: 

Want to request? Read here
Zeraora SSBU Request
Zeraora the, yet to be officially released Pokémon, most likely to distributed when the 21st movie is released because it is confirmed that Zeraora will appear in the movie

Request from :iconkitsune257: 

I have nothing against Zeraora, really I don't. People have considered Zeraora to be Lucario's Echo Fighter, replacing aura with lightning shocks. And I don't know how to feel about that.

My personal nit-pick is, we already we have 2 Electric Types being Pikachu and Pichu.
And with Pokémon Trainer being back we have
2 Water Types being Squirtle and Greninja
1 Psychic Type Mewtwo
Charizard represents the Fire and Flying Type
Lucario represents the Fighting and Steel Type
Ivysaur represents the Grass and Poison Type
Jigglypuff represents the Normal and Fairy Type
And Greninja also represents Dark Type

There is currently 18 Pokémon Types, 12 of which are in Smash and as of now 2 Types (Electric and Water) that already have 2 Fighters. As a Pokémon fan, I wouldn't feel comfortable having a certain Pokémon Elemental Type having a 3rd Fighter. 

Heck I wouldn't mind either Blaziken OR Incineroar being Captain Falcon's Echo Fighter (more likely Blaziken) at least Fire and either Fighting or Dark Type gets another rep

Or Gen 7 popular Smash Bros choice Decidueye was highly considered before Iysaur was announced to return. Another Grass rep and Ghost Type gets into Smash

But then again, Sakurai does whatever he wants

Want to request? Read here
Yep the thing I did during Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS  I'm doing it now for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (for those that don't know what I'm talking about, look here Super Smash Bros fan-made entries ARE CLOSED19/04/2015
I'm going to put requests on Hiatus for now. Yes for now. I'm not entirely sure that the last Smash Bros Direct (which gave us Corrin, who's game I'm very looking forward to. And importantly BAYONETTA! I'm so hyped that she's in! I thought Cloud was already impossible and now the powerful and very attractive  Umbra Witch in Smash)
Was the last DLC for SSB4, I'm pretty sure it is because Sakurai already provided the impossible, but people are saying maybe future normal Nintendo Directs more characters will come. I doubt it, but if so I will be very surprised and welcome the characters
So guys thank you for your time, I really had the chance to know certain people in Deviant-art, but more importantly you should be thanking Sakurai for all the hard work and effort he put in SSB4.
SSB4 is a near perfect game, if not THE perfect Smash game 
Guess who got their codes t

So while taking requests, here are some ground rules while asking for requests. These rules are mostly similar like before, so I mostly copy and paste the rules from before, but please give them a read

1. When requesting a character YOU MUST have an Entry Line for them.
E.g. Dillon: "Rolls into the Fight!"
I CAN'T do ALL the work you need to do your part to. I'm not going to make a character request than later on have people complain "That's not the entry line I wanted." I CAN'T read minds so you need to tell me what you want for your request.
Also there entry line must be appropriate e.g. NO SWEARS

Another thing could you make entry-line relating to the your requested character or Super Smash Bros related
And be a little creative with entry lines, don't be too repetitive or just use entry-lines from existing/confirmed Smash characters. Otherwise your request will just be boring.

2. You at least HAVE to tell me the MAIN COLOUR of the background YOU want.

3. The background itself for your request IS OPTIONAL, although it would be more easier on me to send a link on what background you would like me to use for request and you don't end up disappointed.

So you can either tell me what theme of the background you want. E.g. If you want a sunset background for your request, than you'll get a sunset background

Also, due to past requests. When you send a link on what background you would like me to use, can you NOT REQUEST an artwork that belongs to a different Devianart, Tumblr or any other user from a different website. I do not feel comfortable stealing someone else's artwork for a background for these requests.

4. This time I won't be doing doubles, if a person requested a character before you, even if you have a different entry line. Also if you request a character that a different user has already done I'll post you the link to it.

E.g. If you want Prince Sable from "For the Frog the Bell Tolls" someone else has already done it and here's the link…

5. Also when requesting a character can you please tell me which game they're from.

6. 3rd party characters are okay, basically any character that was or does have a game on the Nintendo system I will do
Also they have to be come from gaming origins, but if there is character that's not from gaming origins, (E.g Mickey Mouse) but ACTUALLY HAS a chance due to there gaming history (Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey) I might consider making SSBU entries for them

7. Characters MUST be originated from video games, I'm not doing any anime or cartoon characters. I still won't do it if that show has a game on Nintendo.
E.g. Ash Ketchum is from the Pokemon anime and is known to be the star of that anime so I won't do a request of him.

And I'm not doing any OC's. Nothing personal I like some OC's because it shows creativity of their owners but I'm going to busy with iconic game characters. I don't want to waste on made up characters.

8. Games like "Kingdom Hearts" and "Epic Mickey" that uses Disney characters, I'll only make an exception for Disney Characters like Mickey Mouse. He is the MAIN charcter and have the MAJOR roles in the games and I will ONLY use his game models from those particular games, And any other Disney characters is a no go. I love Disney (just look at my gallery) but this is Super Smash Bros related lets stick with characters that actually have a chance on getting in.

9. There still will be a 1 CHARACTER PER COMMENT limit.

Before, during Smash WiiU/3DS. I was receiving ridiculous number of requests. Majority of those numbers belong to just two different users. And those users kept requesting even if their previous requests aren't even posted yet.


I WILL NOT, be accepting comments that have more than one character requests. I will merely reply to you “One character per request,”

And also I WILL NOT be accepting requests even if the user put them in separate comments, that is merely piling up requests as I previously mentioned with the one character per comment.

I’m sorry for being really uptight about this but I’m doing this for 4 reasons.
I’ve got a paying job. All jobs require your attention. And I work 6am-7pm and only have two days off during the week
There is some artworks either relating to SSBU or not on Deviantart
(Example I'm doing little artworks of characters I would like to see in SSBU  Rayman for Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Elemental-Aura but I haven't opened requests for those yet)
I DO have a life outside my job and Deviantart
But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’m fed up of people giving me a large number of requests that would require me more than one day to complete.

It’s not fair towards me, because I feel like I’m being taken advantage of on something I generously do for free.
But more importantly, it’s not fair for OTHER Deviants that only have ONE character to request, but I’m too busy spending time on one Deviant’s 10 requests at a time.

So to make it fair for all, I will be accepting requests one at a time per request and YOU CAN have another request, but you need to WAIT UNTIL your previous request is done.

10. I guess you could consider this an extension to Rule 4. I won't be redoing ANY character entries I've already done during WiiU/3DS. As I said before I'm busy with work, I'm not going to waste time redoing characters that I've already done.

BUT if that character has an alternate form, I could make an exception

With my work, I’d most likely post every week. Hopefully that will calm people down a bit when they request instead of requesting every day. But I would still like to ask people to PLEASE be patient with me until your request is ready.

If you have any further questions to ask or have do not understand, feel free to ask me.


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Remeber that ALBW version of Zelda I requested you to make? Well guess what? She's confirmed.
Hi there
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You know who I'd like to see in Smash Bros.? Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia. I like him.
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newcomer is then for Soeishinsha and GAGA Communications presents Malice @ Doll opens for Request

Malice (Malice @ Doll) for SSB4
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boy have I got news for you
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And since you seem to be the only one who messaged me, I'll tell you my that I'm actually planning something for my return, unfortunately work has been taken a lot of my time so the process is going slowly.

But non the less I will try to get my surprise done as soon as I can
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