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May 18, 2013
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Super Smash Bros All-Stars Battle Royale
(the fanfic story)

Chapter 6: Haunted Before the Crisis


[I sensed a strong force calling out to me. I abandoned my work in order to find it. My colleges can just contact me on my codec. I just had to look for that alluring force.

I travelled for quite some time before entering into a weird world full of blue hexagons tiles and prisms, but I knew the power I felt was somewhere around here so I patrolled the area trying to look for it. Then suddenly a huge purple crystal head appeared above me giving me a sinister smile.

"You're the first to appear in my realm. Why don't we have a little fun," it maliciously said.

Apparently what it meant by 'fun' was rocketing himself towards the ground trying to crush me, luckily I quickly jumped and rolled out of it's collision course.

We locked in battle, but I was losing. I never experienced losing before, but I never had to fight a giant powerful head before either. I knew I was out of my league, I had to get out of here before the head ended me. The power I sensed before could be damned for all I care.

When the head tried to squash me again, I quickly ran to the edge of the arena, whipped out one of my Cypher's and hovered above the prims and out of that death trap.

Due to taking seriously amount of damage from our fight, I couldn't hold on, my fingers were slipping and without meaning to, I let go.

I fell down the blue abyss, it felt like an eternity until the clouds changed purple and started to clear. Beneath me there was a large ship with batwings, I activated another Cypher and roughly steered towards the ship. When I got close enough I let go and landed on my side and rolled. Not my most graceful landing, but you work with what you got when you have severe injuries.

I stealthily snuck inside and found a room that was quite far from the main control room and deserted to. I set up my box and tried to recover my injuries with some sleep. But how was I supposed to sleep when that purple, crystal head keeps taunting me with his maniacal laugh.]


Snake woke up from his sleep. Well nightmare since he really didn't get that much sleep. He sat up, trying to forget about his nightmare until a quick rapping sound came from his door, Snake got up from his bed and went to open his to reveal a blue roughly human sized hedgehog.

{Snake's Pov}

"Oh Sonic, what's going on?" wondered Snake when greeting Sonic.

"Snake! Master Hand wants us to meet him in the main meeting room! He even contact the Smashers with the flying space ships to go and collect everyone that doesn't have one of their own and bring them here! He's opening wormholes for them as we speak! This is huge if he's contacting everyone! We have to go now!" The blue hedgehog excitingly said.

"Alright, alright just let me get changed and I'll see all of you in the meeting room." After I informed him Sonic quickly left, leaving a fading trail of blue blur. With him gone I closed the door behind me.

I'll tell you a bit about myself. You should fel privileged my life is very confidential.

My name is Snake, that's the only name you'll get off me and my line of work is classified.

My nightmare I had before Sonic came in, were actually memories that happened. After Tabuu's defeat, I told Master Hand (who wasn't really evil) about my situation.

He told me that mostly everyone lives in separate universes since this universe was meant for subjects from different universes to interact with one another and I must've fell in a subspace hole from my universe where I'm from and lead me here.

Master Hand offered that he'll try and find the universe that contained my home then Sonic came in apparently he had the same problem as well. Master Hand made the same promise to Sonic as he did with me and then offered that we can stay in one of the many rooms in the base facility floating in the sky.

Mr Game & Watch and R.O.B live here as well, they 'said' that there was nothing for them back in their universes so they permanently live here now.

Master Hand is still trying to find both Sonic and my homes. The big hand even provided me some clothes and other necessities during my stay here, I changed out of my white shirt and black shorts and into my mission suit while also organised my gadgets.

Master Hand told me that this base facility was also a home for him and the fighters that stay here when there was any to tournaments taking place, before Tabuu invaded and turning this place into his own personal laboratory for subspace bombs. Master Hand was still trying to fix this place to make it more comfortable for competitors for the future tournament that he's already planning.

I walked out of my room tying up my bandana making my way to meeting room. I almost got there until a familiar blue blur went straight passed me.

"Hurry up slow poke! The gang is here!" Sonic shouted as he zoomed out the main door, luckily the automatic doors opened up for him.

Thinking that Master Hand won't tell us what's going on unless everybody is in the meeting room, I changed course and followed Sonic outside in my own pace.

I got outside the Ancient Ruins and saw many airships flying in and preparing to land. The first to arrive were a blue and silver space-jet and a red and black one that looked exactly like it. The blue one landed first followed by the red and both of their doors opened.

"Ha! We beat you O'Donnell!" Fox shouted at Wolf triumphantly with Falco stepping out of the ship with a smirk.

"Of course you did! I had to pick up fatso here and he was slowing down my Wolfen!" Wolf shouted back.

"Hey! Who are you calling 'fatso!" Wario snapped in the Wolfen passenger seat.

"You! I'm call you fatso!" Wold snapped back.

While Wario and Wolf were arguing on top of the Wolfen, Fox and Falco got off their Arwing to meet me and Sonic.

"Hey Snake." Falco said.

"Hey." I replied. That's what I like about Flaco. Were both not that sociable, but were in good terms for a simple 'hello.'

All the other space ships started to land as well. A golden and navy blue air ship landed, it's door opening and the occupants stared to come out.

Ganondorf was the first out, casually making his way to Wario and Wolf, not caring that they're fighting, just not wanting to talk to anyone.

Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Ike, Marth, Pit and Captain Falcon left the ship as well.

"Greetings everyone. We came as soon as Captain Falcon picked us up." Zelda humbly greeted.

"Hello princess, at ease. I haven't seen Master Hand yet, so I don't know why he needs all of us." I welcomed and assured the princess before turning to Sonic. "Do you know why Sonic?"

The blue hedgehog looked a little nervous before scratching the back of his head. "Ahhh…No. He just said he's getting everyone back and told me to go get you. Sorry."

"Well don't worry I'm sure he'll tell us when we all see him," a feminine, sweet, gentle voice replied. We turned and saw Peach, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Donkey and Diddy Kong behind us.

"Well I hope it's not for nothing. The last thing I need is to wasting time," another woman's voice, said but it was more stronger and disciplined than Zelda's or Peach's. The group turned to their side and saw Samus, Red, Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Lucario walking in to join us.

Just then we heard a loud bang and we saw a cliché space ship, like those you would see in a cartoon, except this one was rickety and seems like it's going to explode any minute.

Luckily that didn't happen when the ship landed straight up with a thud. Ness, Lucas, the Ice Climbers and Olimar along with his five different coloured pikmin rushed out holding their hands over their chests taking deep breaths to calm down. After they stopped gasping from their fearful landing, they made their way to us and the conversational reunion started.

Everyone was so engaged with catching-up with each other, they didn't notice R.O.B and Mr Game & Watch coming out of the facility. R.O.B made a large beeping noises and kept flashing his robotic eyes that got everyone's attention.

"Sorry for that interruption, but Master Hand requests that all of you need to be in the hanger immediately, it is very urgent, please follow." R.O.B informed in his robotic voice before turning to go back into the base facility with Mr Game & Watch closely following behind.

Everyone started filing in thought the doors of the base facility following both R.O.B and Mr Game & Watch, everyone made their way to the meeting room (which was the room that used to contain all of the subspace bombs), Master Hand was patiently waiting for us.

"Welcome back everyone. This would've been a more joyous occasion if this wasn't a serious situation," Master Hand greeted then turn grim. So he's getting straight to the point, this is pretty serious.

Master Hand waved his finger and a holographic map appeared with peculiar markings on it. "If you see the purple spots in various places on the map. These spots are subspace portals opening."

This caused a heated conversation to storm against the Smashers.

"What-a caused this to-a happen!" Mario strongly demanded.

Master Hand went into his strict, commanding, authority demeanour. "I don't know. These openings were both short and brief. I'm glad they were detected through our scanners. I thought I'll divide you into teams and send you to investigate the areas and I'll stay here to provide information though our communication devices, encase more subspace portals open or strange activity is happening in your area."

"Do you know if Tabuu is behind this? I thought we killed him?" Link questioned.

"I'm not sure if Tabuu survived or not. There has been no trace of him after you fought him. But if Tabuu is some how behind this it may mean he must be planning another attack of subspace taking over. We don't want that to happen do we!" Master Hand commanded.

They knew that the last part wasn't a question. The Smashers looked amongst themselves knowing if Tabuu is some-how behind this, not only the Smash Universe will be in jeopardy, so will their homes. They all looked at Master Hand and gave him and a affirmative nod.

"Alright let's begin." Master Hand said putting his plan into action.
can wait to see them fight
TheTalon34 May 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I see how you tried to explain Snake and Sonic's inclusion into the Nintendo universe, very nice job
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