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Detective Pikachu meets Ayumi Tachibana by Elemental-Aura
Detective Pikachu meets Ayumi Tachibana
Just letting you guys know I'm still alive, and no I'm no doing SSB4 requests (for the mean time)

If you don't know what Detective Pikachu is here's a link…

So Detective Pikachu is a game that is being released in Japan in February 3rd and in all honesty I would like this game to have an English release. Something about having a talking deep voice Pikachu intrigues me. And people wanting Danny DeVito as Pikachu's English voice is just pure genius. I hope Nintendo can do it

For those who have no idea who Ayumi is from the Famicom Detective Club, she is Nintendo's own detective much like 3rd party, detective and lawyer Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton. But unfortunately unlike those two. Ayumi is not as popular, she is mostly remembered by retro Nintendo gamers and those who have have downloaded her game on the Virtual Console.

I've seen artist making crossovers of Detective Pikachu with Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright and no surprise there is no mentions of Ayumi, so I decided to fix that.

I feel bad for Ayumi, I mean no offense to Tim (the guy in the red jacket that looks like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh) I just felt like Ayumi would've blended in so well with this game and it's style. Ayumi travels to London (or whatever the region Detective Pikachu is from) and she gets involved solving a case with Detective Pikachu. But her franchise is basically dead anyway so it doesn't matter

And thanks to :iconthatkidwiththeafro: I found out that Ayumi Smashified render belonged to Gonzales in Pixiv…
Until the NX Smash Bros by Elemental-Aura
Until the NX Smash Bros
One of my final pieces to SSB4. And what better way to end it is to make a wishlist of characters that could possibly make it in SSB5. Plus a few others that I know a few Devinats would like in Smash Bros

Characters and reason:

Snake, Ice Climbers and Wolf: Returning highly requested veterans
Wolf and Krystal: More Star Fox representors. And unlike Fox, Falco and Wolf.
Krystal will have her own movesets with her staff and maybe a few weapons from Assault. If you played Starfox Adventures, where Fox uses her staff to proceed though the game, that's how she'll fight. And mentioning Assault. Give Falco different weapons from Assault to make him WAY unique compared to Fox and Wolf. And also the Arwing Walker from Star Fox Zero will suit Falco better for a Final Smash. And still thinking of a different Final Smash for Wolf

King K Rool, Shantae Issac, Inkling and Shovel Knight: Highly requested characters from the ballots and large majority of fan-made wishlists for the ballot
King K Rool, Medusa, Black Shadow Dark Samus, Kamek (and in a way) Skull Kid: There needs to be more Nintendo's home grown villains in Smash
King K Rool, Ashley, Takamaru, Midna and Isabelle: Warioware and Animal Crossing can indeed use more reps. And Isabelle's popularity already rivals that of Tom Nook and K.K Slider mixed together. With them as Mii costumes I think Nintendo does see on which characters we are interested on having in Smash. And some of those costumes could become actual characters in SSB5
Ashley, Takamaru, Isabelle, Skull Kid and Dillon: Much like the Mii Fighter costumes. I think Nintendo does see the reactions on when some certain characters are either Mii Fighter costumes or Assist Trophies and I believe some of those characters will get the Little Mac promotion and move from Assist Trophy to playable Smash character
Kamek: Yoshi franchise needs another rep. Well we already got Bowser and Bowser Jr. So having Baby Bowser will seem irrelevant and Kamek has magic they can based moves on. Kammy Koopa can take his place on the stage he appears in
Black Shadow: Another rep for F-Zero. This is where I do question Sakurai and the developing team. If they can make Ryu, Cloud and Bayonetta fight exactly like they did from their own games, in a 2D platform fighting game. There is literally no excuses any more on how Ganondorf should fight. Please make Ganondorf fight like Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time and/or Twilight Princess. If Ness and Lucas, two people from the same franchise can have similar movesets, I don't see why Black Shadow can have darker and more powerful variation of Captain Falcon's moves.
Dark Samus:
Metroid needs more reps and Ridley IS TOO BIG. And no, she is not a Samus clone, if you fought against her she can do attacks that Samus can't do
Medusa and Viridi:
Popular Kid Icarus' characters that could be in SSB5.
Tetra, Skull Kid, Midna and Fi: More reps for the Legend of Zelda series. I'm surprised for Nintendo's 2nd iconic franchise, we didn't get any more additions since Melee. Brawl we just replaced Young Link with Toon Link. With Skull Kid, Midna and Fi. They represent all the Zelda games that have been on a Nintendo home console. Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. And if you played Hyrule Warriors these 3 are capable in a fight.
Skull Kid wears the Majora's Mask and is possessed by Majora and Majora can use his powers through Skull Kid.
Midna is the Twilight Princess and can use dark/twilight magic and maybe could use the Twili Mirror like they gave her True Form in Hyrule Warriors, but I think Midna is capable without it. And as her Final Smash either she temporarily transforms into her True Form and is more stronger. Or if you want a Final Smash to be brutal, Midna can use the Fused Shadows to transform into the giant, spider-like beast with a large pole-arm weapon and cause damage
Fi is the spirit within the Skyward Sword. If you played Hyrule Warriors, Fi could be a magical brawler. Using pirouettes to slice and cuts opponents with grace. Can change into a sword now and then to get quick stabs and create energy blasts when she stabs the ground and use the Skyward Strike as projectiles.
Sheik will remain to represent Ocarina of Time and hopefully Ganondorf's new moveset and be partly based on the second final fight against him
And as for Tetra. Toon Link is representing his own version of the Legend of Zelda series in Smash. But Maybe Tetra can come in a help his representation. With a cutlass sword and pistol Tetra is no Zelda clone or just another sword user, this is why I didn't put Shantae in her Pirate's Curse outfit, because I didn't want Tetra and Shatae to fight the same way. And Shantae already has a lot of moves of magic and hair-whipping to work with, she doesn't need a gun or cutlass sword.
And Toon Link could remain the same if Legend of Zelda WiiU becomes a big hit. And Link in Smash 5 could have a moveset based around WiiU Link, but that would depend if WiiU Zelda is a fighter. They didn't add Skyward Sword Link and Zelda, the newer versions of them because Skyward Sword Zelda doesn't look capable to fend for herself in a fight, unlike Twilight Princess Zelda (but at least her role in Skyward Sword is slightly more important than previous ones) So if Zelda WiiU if successful and if Link AND Zelda can manage on their own in a fight. They could be in SSB5 and have movesets based around their WiiU versions

Jibanyan: Level 5 rep. Yo-kai Watch is indeed a big thing in Japan, that is slowly gaining attention from the rest of the world. If Yo-kai Watch is still a big thing until SSB5 comes out, I think he's got a pretty good chance nya

Inkling: Splatoon is Nintendo's newest and highly popular IP. Kind've shocked the Smash developers didn't put them as part of the Final DLC. So if the Splatoon fanbase can stay strong for NX Smash, I think they are a definite shoe in

Rayman: Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks, that having Rayman and his close friends as trophies in SSB4, but not having Rayman as playable character is odd? Rayman will be a good rep for Ubisoft. Let his time shine in NX Smash

Sceptile and Zoroark: Two ideal Pokémon reps for the next game. Sceptile to complete the Final Starter Element trio of Grass, Fire and Water. And Zoroark is a very popular Pokémon in Gen 5. Basically he's the Lucario of Gen 5, but unlike Lucario who uses Aura. Zoroark gimmick is illusions.

Paper Mario and Captain Toad: For more Mario reps, I feel like these two are more note worthy to be in Smash. (Sorry Daisy and Waluigi fans) the Paper Mario games is a very enjoyable series to all fans alike (minus Sticker Star) and Paper Mario can indeed gain a completely different moveset compared to normal Mario. And as for Captain Toad. Well normal Toad has contributed more to Nintendo than any other Mario character that is not is Smash, has definitely been more playable in Mario games that is NOT the Kart racing, Party or Sport spinoffs games. Much like Bandana Dee, putting in Captain Toad would just help differentiate him from the other Toads. And give Captain Toad different Mario Power-Ups and give him Peach's Down B Turnip move and give Peach Perry and replace her Down B from a move from her own game, Super Princess Peach

After having a nice discussion with :iconshantae4smash: Unlike the rest of Fire Emblem cast in Smash, Azura doesn't use a sword. She could fight using her water abilities, her dancing abilities, her singing abilities and her lance. If Fates becomes a big hit both her and Corrin will be reps for Fates. Robin will stay to represent Awakening, but as for Lucina she could become an alt character for Marth. Unless they try to make a moveset for her from Codename S.T.E.A.M and Project X Zone 2. Maybe not Project X Zone 2, she uses a lance in that game, I would prefer Azura being the only lance wielder from Fire Emblem

Bandana Dee: 
Since Sakurai gave Kid Icarus more representatives in Smash 4. Let's show our appreciation for his works of ALL of these games by voting for another character from the Kirby series. And who other than Bandana Waddle Dee.
Bandana Waddle Dee, or simply Bandana Dee, may seem like your average Waddle Dee and in the early Kirby games he was, with the exception of being one King Dedede's loyal henchman.
That was until Kirby Return to Dreamland Were there was four players Kirby, Meta Knight, Kind Dedede and astonishingly, Bandana Dee. And Bandana Dee was surprisingly a force to be reckoned when that spear on it's stubby arm.
It's move-set could be based on how it wield the spear in "Kirby Return to Dreamland,"
Due to Bandana Dee's role in the game and later in future Kirby titles, and especially "Kirby and the Rainbow Curse," Bandana Dee is becoming it's own character.

Captain Rainbow:
What better way to give recognition to all the retro-game characters of Nintendo than adding their hero who arrived in Mimim Island to help them. I can see Captain Rainbow's moveset working a tiny bit similar like Duck Hunt Duo that can summon the gunmen. Captain Rainbow can summon Shadow, Birdo, Drake Redcrest and maybe Ossan to be his Smash moves. And for his A's he can attack with all sorts of tricks with his yo-yo. And also grab opponents and ledges with it as well

If Xenoblade Chronicles X is still a rememberable game by the SSB5 comes out. Then she could be another rep for the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Chibi Robo:
Chibi Robo is one of the many under-appreciated Nintendo games. It's a tad surprising that there wasn't even a costume of him for SSB4 to further the sales for Zip Lash. But thanks to Zip Lash, Chibi Robo already has a good idea on how he could play in SSB5

Agent J and Marshall: 
Any fighter to represent Nintendo's rhythm based games could be cool for Smash 5. And I've seen the comments and revies, their games are enjoyable
Agent J, Marshall, Dillon and Fossil Fighter & Nibbles: As much as I love Splatoon, I'm kind've annoyed that people think that Splatoon is Nintendo's ONLY new IP. Splatoon is indeed Nintendo's successful new IP. These characters and games have been gone under the radar. These characters games were all created around 2006 and beyond and they later on had sequels. If they are popular enough to gain sequels, maybe putting these characters in Smash 5 can bring more recognition to their series

Lip: Perfect rep for the Puzzle League games. And I know :iconthewolfbunny: woud like to see Lip in Smash. I can see Lip having a Shulk inspired Standard. Much like Shulk's Monodo Arts, Lip can use blocks from Puzzle League. Star Block, gives Lip temporary power boost, green circle inflict sleep, blue triangle temporary freezes enemies, purple diamond causes poison and lastly red hearts can cause the flower to pop up on opponents head to cause more damage much like what the item already does. Much like Shulk, Lips special abilities are temporary and once a certain ability is used, it will be locked for a certain amount until it can be used again

Mona, 9-Volt, Prince Fluff, Magolor and Phoenix Wright:
some characters from :icondarkkirb206: which mentioned a few things about their requested characters and I'll add a few things of my own.
Mona and 9-Volt, WarioWare does need more reps and Ashley is a great choice, but these two have been in the series have been in the series since the first game and have a lot of potential for creative move sets. And it Wario really help separate Wario from the Mario franchises by having more characters from his own game coming in. Mona has different mini-games along side different occupations each time you play a Warioware game. And 5-Volt could be a funny/scary Final Smash for 9-Volt
Prince Fluff and Magolor, both characters could bring something new to Smash from the Kirby games they come from
Phoenix Wright, a recognisable character in the video-game fandom and he may be a lawyer but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 made him work and he was an exclusive to Nintendo handhelds

Leon Kennedy, Alexandra Rovias and Raiden:
:iconmc-raz: explained Leon Kennedy- Capcom has already gotten reps so why not?, Plus Leon Kennedy is a relevant character in Nintendo history, RE2 was released for N64, and RE4 was a GameCube exclusive
Alexandria Rovias - Would represent Eternal Darkness, a long dormant franchise, and would be more representation towards the underexposed GameCube era of Nintendo history
Raiden - If Capcom can get two or three reps, why not have a 2nd from the Metal Gear franchise?, Raiden would be unique even among swordsman, due to his attacks having an electricity motiff, which would make for a pretty good moveset

Steve from Minecraft:
:iconstealthelffan: He's a popular video game character he can have Alex as his female alternate costume! He appeared on Nintendo consoles with Minecraft: Wii U Edition. He could use his Pickaxe, his Sword, ride on a pig or crafting tables. He is the Avatar of Minecraft! I think he could be a really unique fighter not like the other swordfighters!

Well a good reason is that he's been in several fighting games himself, including UMvC3. So I think he'd fit in the crowd nicely (also another Capcom representative would be nice)

Banjo & Kazooie, Bomberman, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot:
Now that Cloud and Bayonetta are in Smash, and Ryu being a second rep for Capcom. This could be a possibility. But regardless on what Phil Spencer said about Banjo. You still can't ignore that tension that is still between both Nintnedo and Microsoft. Same can be said with Activision

If you would like a character in here please, tell me WHO and WHY. And I might consider putting them in
Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale! by Elemental-Aura
Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale!
Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale? I'm very original aren't I -_-

I'm a devoted Nintendo fan and I LOVE ALL Super Smash Bros games and on youtube I've heard about Playstation All-Star Battle Royale and it was going to be similar like Super Smash Bros, I checked it out to see how good it was and it was SENSATIONAL! I won't save up for a Playstation and buy the game, but yet again Playstation All-Star Battle Royal really engaged me and looked heaps of fun. Like Super Smash Bros they used characters that are cool in fights and made them MORE awesome and use characters that aren't normally fighters into fighters you will love to play over and over again

And that's why I did this little piece right here.

Sometimes I wish Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox would make a fighting combat game like this, because they're are fans out their who support either 1 of the companies and love the characters they make and a fighting combat game like Super Smash Bros and/or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal will bring them all together and settle their agreements with a friendly match on the game.

The background is supposed to be like Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I've been making a fanfic of this it's right here
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:…
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…
Chapter 12:…
Chapter 13:…
Chapter 14:…
Chapter 15:…
Chapter 16:…
Chapter 17:…
Chapter 18:…
Chapter 19:…
Chapter 20:…
Chapter 21:…
Chapter 22:…
Chapter 23:…
Chapter 24:…
Chapter 25:…
Chapter 26:…

Maybe somewhere in the story I'll have Solid Snake remember Polygon Man tried to kill/trophy him but he escaped and some-how ended up in the Smash Universe and will go back to the Playsation All-star universe
About the picture:
I ship MarioxPeach and LinkxZelda That's why they're so close to each other

I put Pikachu next to Cole because both are masters of electricity and it looked like Cole was Pikachu's trainer (at first I was going to put Pikachu next to Raiden but Cole and Pikachu looked better)
Everyone else was placed the way I thought looked good.

Added Emmett and Kat with Dusty since Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal made official images of them in the texture of the game

And also added Evil Cole thought it was unfair that he's not added since he's his own fighter seperated from good Cole


Added Zeus and Issac Clarke since they've been announced to be in the game

And I edited Fat Princesses eyes to be open

I edited the pic with the villians to be on top to make it look fiece (tell me what you think)

Also edited in Evil Cole's red lightning to make it cooler

Testing out my new signature tell me what you think (it's transparent in the pic)

Requested by Salvy35z, I've put in Mewtwo, Roy, Dr. Mario, Young Link and Pichu in this pick as well and since they're also in my fanfic.

Added Little Sister as well because Jak has Daxter, Ratchet has Clank, Kat has Dusty etc

Replaced the Smashers and logo for the new texture in the new SSB game and Added Villager, Megaman and Wii Fit Trainer. Welcome to the Smash Family

I've replaced Zero Suit Samus with new power suit Samus because during writing my fanfiction I can't decide to be either a SnakexSamus or IssacxSamus shipper (Don't worry my fanfiction is NOT based on Samus' love life), Please help me

Olimar from Pikmin has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated his look

Luigi has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated his look

Princess Peach has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated her look

Toon Link has been confirmed to return for SSB4 so I updated his look (can't wait for a screenshot of him and Spirit Tracks Link on the stage)

Sonic has returned and I updated his look. (hopefully we will more 3rd party characters in SSB4, especially one from Namco (hopefully Pac-Man)

Marth has been re-confirmed for SSB4, so I put his updated look ( which looks so cool)

Rosalina and a Luma have been confirmed as Newcomers for SSB4

Zelda has been re-confirmed for SSB4 so I updated her image

King Dedede has been re-confirmed for SSB4 so his image has been updated

Lucario has been officially been confirmed for SSB4 so his look has been updated

Little Mac has been confirmed in today's Nintendo direct, so he has been added to the image

Diddy Kong has been reconfirmed for SSB4 and has been re-updated

The newcomer Greninja, Sheik and Zero Suit Samus who are now separated from their counterparts and their own fighters and Charizard who is alone, are confirmed fighters for SSB4.

Ike has been confirmed for SSB4, so I added his updated look (which is completely badass) in here. Also I found a better image of Fat Princess which look more like her so I replaced the old image with this one


From a simple request from RoxasXIIkeys, I changed Dr. Mario, Roy and Mewtwo designs to Project M's design so credit goes to him for those unique designs.
MORE importantly I added the Mii Fighters, Lady Palutena and Pac-Man are DECLARED FOR SSB4! I did some rearranging to make Mario, Sonic, Mega-Man and Pac-Man close to wach other, I hope you like it

Today we have not only Captain Falcon confirmed to come back, but also two Fire Emblem characters they are both Lucina and Robin. The reason I choose the male robin is because the similar reason to Wii Fit Trainer, like the female trainer was the one revealed in her trailer, the male Robin was the first one seen in the trailer and most likely to be the default genders in the character selection.


Meta Knight has been reconfirmed to comeback for SSB4! But, due to his long confirmation will he still a God Tier OR is he well balanced now?


Shulk from "Xenoblade Chronicles" has been confirmed for SSB4! The "leaks" are coming more and more true. But despite seeing the "leaks" I'm still surprised Shulk is in. I played the game I loved it. But "Xenoblade Chronicles" is not that well known.

I've added Ness, Wario and Flaco because they are posted on the official site. I've already got the game, I've already unlocked every character in the game (and one character I'm a bit disappointed over then the others) and yes and thanks to Majora999 I have the Official renders of all the hidden characters of SSB4 as well.
Now as much as I would like to post all of them together. There are some people who don't have the game, but are still keeping track on the website. So I'll just copy Sakurai and just post characters that have been revealed on the site. Hopefully he'll post all of them soon


Dark Pit officially confirmed on the SSB4 website and has been added. And also added the official SSB4 render of "sigh" Dr. Mario.

I mean really? Out of ALL the past clones, they choose Mario in a doctor's clothes over Mewtwo, Lucas, Wolf or even Roy for that matter who are their own characters?!

At least with Dark Pit and Lucina they are their own person in their games. Lucina is the great granddaughter of Marth and Dark Pit was brought to life by the Mirror of Truth. Therefore Dark Pit is his own individual person

But with Dr. Mario, he's not a power-up, he's not a version or alternate form they separated like Link/Toon Link, Zelda/Sheik or Samus/Zero Suit Samus.
Depite the "Dr. Mario" game being a spin off from the classic "Mario" games. It's still just Mario in a Doctor's Suit. That's why I and a lot of other fans wanted Dr. Mario (and Dr. Luigi) to be alternate costumes

I can only hope the custom movesets will help make Dr. Mario (and to some extent Dark Pit and Lucina) feel different from Mario(, Pit and Marth)

Added the official renders of Ganondorf and R.O.B since they were confirmed today.

The crack of light on Ganondorf's chest just screams "Aim Here, it's my current weak spot," it's a tad funny

Although I'm a tad confused about something. Its a little thing, it's just I'm pondering over it

Why did Sakurai post R.O.B. in his Brawl colours (which in my opinion looks cooler) on the website.
When in the 3DS (spoilers) when you fight R.O.B to make him playable and when you choose R.O.B in the character selection screen, his colours are what they were when he was an accessory for the SNES?

I know R.O.B's Brawl colours is an alternate look for R.O.B, but was there a slight error in development that someone made R.O.B's SNES colour scheme the standard/default look for R.O.B in the Character selection menu or did Sakurai just like his Brawl colours better and posted it on the site?

I'll probably go with the later, seems simpler

From the Nintendo Direct today I've added both Bowser Jr and Mr Game & Watch now that they are in the website now. Don't know why Sakurai didn't just post all of them now, Jigglypuff was seen in the Direct without her being on the website yet.

Sort of feel bad for Dark Pit and Dr. Mario, technically Dark Pit is a Newcomer and Dr. Mario is a returning retiree, yet they don't have a intro videos like Bowser Jr.

But meh, they're clones.

Similar, but a LOT more trophy pics manips, music and stage building content then in Brawl.

So eight player Smash! That's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

Reverse chronological order All-Stars Mode than in the 3DS

Pit now takes Snake's place with codec messages, talks to the Gods from Kid Icarus in the Palutena's Temple stage.

Smash Tour, Master Orders, Crazy Orders

Ridley is in the game, but is a stage hazard, unless you or another player or com player deal enough damage he'll fight alongside those that damaged him the most.
Similar to Flying Man in Magicant, but you just have to walk past Flying Man to recruit him not fight him, and even if you do manage to KO Flying Man it won't count as a KO unlike if you KO Ridley.
(Definitely know who I want playable for SSB5, they've already got the awesome moves, just make them playable)

And Mewtwo WILL come be a playable fighter for SSB4, he's just under development. This gives me a SLIGHT ray of hope that if they'll still give use downloadable characters for both versions of the game, hopefully they'll fix the Ice Climbers problem on 3DS version
(I heard rumors that Nana wasn't running back to Popo after her threw her with their Up B or wasn't coming back to him at all when they were separated, can somebody please correct me?)

What was your favourite thing on the Nintendo Direct today?

Finally the Final confirmation of Duck Hunt Dog and Jigglypuff are now on the website.

And I must say out of all the trailers, Duck Hunt Duo just seemed more on the fun side then the other serious newcomer trailers. It suits them, I like it.

Still not sure if I should've put Duck Hunt Duo next to Toro, you know with the whole "Dogs chase Cats" thing. I'm not being a stereotype, my dog chases my cat.

Well you probably won't see me updating this thing until Mewtwo (or any other DLC, IF any) is on the website.

Or better yet, hopefully a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars.

It was fun until it lasted, but this isn't the last of me. I might make little pics on what improvements or ideas they can make on SSB5. But right now my computer is acting up a bit. But keep a look out if your interested

FINALLY! The LONG AWAITED DLC is finally in the Official SSB4 site

Mewtwo "Strikes Back!" In SSB4 (Am so happy they used "Strikes Back" as Mewtwo's Entry Line. It's both a reference to Pokémon the First Movie and  it's the perfect line to use for Mewtwo's return.

And also returning back to Super Smash Bros Lucas "Comer Out of Nowhere!" And he won't be released until June, so until then I won't add his SSB4 render yet.

And also alongside more costumes for the Mii's (that you unfortunately have to buy, so you can use)
There is now a Smash Bros Fighter Ballot. You can now submit a video-game character that you wish to be part of Super Smash Bros. This doesn't guarantee character, but it will go under consideration.

Personally I find this this a bit a bad idea on Nintendo's behalf. Because if you looked at Miiverse, it's already filled with ridiculous character request, who's to say it won't happen in the Smash Ballot? I'm already feeling sorry for those who will be going through the Smash Ballot and reading ridiculous fighter requests, just to find a few decent ones.

What did you like about the direct today? It doesn't need to be SSB related.

Lucas is finally finished in development and is no now available as DLC

But that's not all, there has been a recently small Smash Direct which Sakurai announced Roy, a retired veteran from Super Smash Bros Melee who was a Marth clone for those who didn't know.
But also a fresh new face in the SSB4 roster. Ryu from Street Fighters is also available as DLC as well.
I bought all of them. Lucas has DEFINATELY been buffed up and dare I say stronger Ness.
Roy big improvement. Fire is heavily implemented in his attacks. His movement on how he uses the sword is different compared how Marth uses his own sword and his recovery is bad compared to Marth. Roy is now  a balance between Marth and Ike which sorta makes him feel right.

As for Ryu, completely brand knew and if you remember his original input of controls he can perform stronger versions of his attacks that he can originally perform in a Street Fighter game.
It's going to be a bit tricky to remember those combos in a Smash game.

What I do want to talk about Ryu is now Capcom now have TWO representatives in SSB4.

Does this now give the rights of passage to both SEGA and Bandai Namco to have ONE more rep?

If so. Who do you think it will be?

I would've posted this on 12/11/2015, but I couldn't find a large render of Cloud until now and thanks to :icontheexodude: I can update this.

Wow...Cloud in SSB4. Nobody saw this coming. No leaks or anything.

All I to say is Cloud...Welcome to Smash.

Makes me a feel bad for Snake, with all these 3rd parties in SSB4 he's missing out. Well I guess if it wasn't for him and Sonic being in Brawl, it wouldn't have opened the doors for so many 3rd party games. But with Snake's developer in retirement and Konami being...where it is now. We won't be seeing him in SSB4 any time soon. Maybe SSB5

The question with Cloud is: Do you think Cloud was one of the draws of the in the Smash Ballot?

I personally think not. His moveset looks WAY too planned and been in development for a long time.

But who do you think won the Smash Ballot? And will we 1 or more characters? To find out, get ready for a Smash Direct coming in December. The exact date is not confirmed just yet. But I hope it will be around December 5th, but that'll be WAY too soon.

Finally from the LAST Smash Direct (or broadcast, whatever you like to call it) Corrin or Kamui (which ever you prefer to call him or her) from Fire Emblem: Fates which is already out in Japan, but releasing soon English. (similarly what Sakurai did with Roy)

And BAYONETTA!  One of the most sexualized video-game character in history, but powerful and strong fighter is coming to SSB4 as DLC in February

Corrin I'm actually excited for, because I'm a casual Fire Emblem and keeping track of Fire Emblem Fates so I knew about him and what he is capable of. Unlike some people who are calling "corn"  or "dragon Marth"

And Bayonetta. OH MY GOSH! Sakurai and his team worked so had to keep Bayonetta function just like she does in her game in a 2D platform. And yes, I knew they were smart enough to censor her. They wouldn't put her one-piece G-string swimsuit she's doing Wicked Weaves and Umbra Climaxes. I'm so glad I played 1 & 2 of Bayonetta

Can somebody correct me with this info. I know this is the last Smash Dedicated Direct, but will there be any more SSB4 reveals in Normal Nintendo Direct? I personally think not. Because Sakurai and the developing team have done a lot of hard work for the DLC. They deserve a year long vacation and Sakurai said so himself, he can't the team around forever, they have other projects to do.

Sakurai and the Smash Team. Thank you so much for all you hard work and effort that you have put in the DLC. Please don't think that some of us are ungrateful due to some salty ingrates.
Super Smash Bros 4 Complete Roster by Elemental-Aura
Super Smash Bros 4 Complete Roster
It's not much, but here's an early Christmas gift to you Smash fans

The entire roster of all the SSB4 characters. Please tell me if I missed any.

This was a bit of a pain to make, shrinking characters to their ideal heights on what they are compared to others. Organizing where characters on where they stand, so they at least have a clear headshot

Use this to your heart contents. As a computer background, screen-saver or a poster in your room, whatever you like

Even though I'm pretty sure there is no more DLC (even though we want more DLC, we can't be selfish. Because Sakurai and the developing team have done a lot of hard work for the DLC for the last year. They deserve a year long vacation. And Sakurai said so himself, he can't keep the team around forever, they have other projects to do.) I will add (if) any DLC characters in here when confirmed
Please Do NOT request on this journal page.
IF I do re-open requests again please request here… or in one of my artworks. I already had a hard time keeping track on incoming requests. (So like before)

Okay. Despite the fact I'm working a bit more, I'm still too cheep to buy the premium version of Deviantart (maybe I should ask for 1 point per request)
So instead of a poll, I will be evaluating if I should return based on your comments.

Now, majority of you know by now from today's Nintendo Direct. That not only Mewtwo is returning as DLC for SSB4, but so is Lucas (but in June)
I'm thinking this will be everyone's last chance to put a video-game originated character as a request before Sakurai stops the DLC for SSB4

So basically, if Sakurai keeps up with the DLC, I'll keep doing requests.

And now, with the new Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. This will be a fun free way for requesters to promote characters they wish to have in SSB4

I need a little computer motivation back and it's been awhile since I've touched Photoshop, and not to mention some characters I've come a crossed myself to make fan-made SSB4 entries for so I'm up for it.

And also, I was so happy that people followed the last 9 rules from before. So I'm pleased to say NONE of the rules be changed or added.

So what will it be everyone?

Please comeback, you've been somewhat missed. And I'm glad you make fan-made requests for free?


I've found someone else to do my requests. So sit back relax and let Nintendo announce characters when they're finished developing them?

I will make my decision on April 15th (so around when I get my Mewtwo DLC on the WiiU and 3DS)

i await your your comments to make my final choice.

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