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Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale! by Elemental-Aura
Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale!
Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royale? I'm very original aren't I -_-

I'm a devoted Nintendo fan and I LOVE ALL Super Smash Bros games and on youtube I've heard about Playstation All-Star Battle Royale and it was going to be similar like Super Smash Bros, I checked it out to see how good it was and it was SENSATIONAL! I won't save up for a Playstation and buy the game, but yet again Playstation All-Star Battle Royal really engaged me and looked heaps of fun. Like Super Smash Bros they used characters that are cool in fights and made them MORE awesome and use characters that aren't normally fighters into fighters you will love to play over and over again

And that's why I did this little piece right here.

Sometimes I wish Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox would make a fighting combat game like this, because they're are fans out their who support either 1 of the companies and love the characters they make and a fighting combat game like Super Smash Bros and/or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal will bring them all together and settle their agreements with a friendly match on the game.

The background is supposed to be like Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I've been making a fanfic of this it's right here
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:…
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…
Chapter 12:…
Chapter 13:…
Chapter 14:…
Chapter 15:…
Chapter 16:…
Chapter 17:…
Chapter 18:…
Chapter 19:…
Chapter 20:…
Chapter 21:…
Chapter 22:…
Chapter 23:…
Chapter 24:…
Chapter 25:…
Chapter 26:…

Maybe somewhere in the story I'll have Solid Snake remember Polygon Man tried to kill/trophy him but he escaped and some-how ended up in the Smash Universe and will go back to the Playsation All-star universe
About the picture:
I ship MarioxPeach and LinkxZelda That's why they're so close to each other

I put Pikachu next to Cole because both are masters of electricity and it looked like Cole was Pikachu's trainer (at first I was going to put Pikachu next to Raiden but Cole and Pikachu looked better)
Everyone else was placed the way I thought looked good.

Added Emmett and Kat with Dusty since Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal made official images of them in the texture of the game

And also added Evil Cole thought it was unfair that he's not added since he's his own fighter seperated from good Cole

Added Zeus and Issac Clarke since they've been announced to be in the game

And I edited Fat Princesses eyes to be open

I edited the pic with the villians to be on top to make it look fiece (tell me what you think)

Also edited in Evil Cole's red lightning to make it cooler

Testing out my new signature tell me what you think (it's transparent in the pic)

Requested by Salvy35z, I've put in Mewtwo, Roy, Dr. Mario, Young Link and Pichu in this pick as well and since they're also in my fanfic.

Added Little Sister as well because Jak has Daxter, Ratchet has Clank, Kat has Dusty etc

Replaced the Smashers and logo for the new texture in the new SSB game and Added Villager, Megaman and Wii Fit Trainer. Welcome to the Smash Family

I've replaced Zero Suit Samus with new power suit Samus because during writing my fanfiction I can't decide to be either a SnakexSamus or IssacxSamus shipper (Don't worry my fanfiction is NOT based on Samus' love life), Please help me

Olimar from Pikmin has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated his look

Luigi has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated his look

Princess Peach has been confirmed for SSB4 so I updated her look

Toon Link has been confirmed to return for SSB4 so I updated his look (can't wait for a screenshot of him and Spirit Tracks Link on the stage)

Sonic has returned and I updated his look. (hopefully we will more 3rd party characters in SSB4, especially one from Namco (hopefully Pac-Man)

Marth has been re-confirmed for SSB4, so I put his updated look ( which looks so cool)

Rosalina and a Luma have been confirmed as Newcomers for SSB4

Zelda has been re-confirmed for SSB4 so I updated her image

King Dedede has been re-confirmed for SSB4 so his image has been updated

Lucario has been officially been confirmed for SSB4 so his look has been updated

Little Mac has been confirmed in today's Nintendo direct, so he has been added to the image

Diddy Kong has been reconfirmed for SSB4 and has been re-updated

The newcomer Greninja, Sheik and Zero Suit Samus who are now separated from their counterparts and their own fighters and Charizard who is alone, are confirmed fighters for SSB4.

Ike has been confirmed for SSB4, so I added his updated look (which is completely badass) in here. Also I found a better image of Fat Princess which look more like her so I replaced the old image with this one

From a simple request from RoxasXIIkeys, I changed Dr. Mario, Roy and Mewtwo designs to Project M's design so credit goes to him for those unique designs.
MORE importantly I added the Mii Fighters, Lady Palutena and Pac-Man are DECLARED FOR SSB4! I did some rearranging to make Mario, Sonic, Mega-Man and Pac-Man close to wach other, I hope you like it

Today we have not only Captain Falcon confirmed to come back, but also two Fire Emblem characters they are both Lucina and Robin. The reason I choose the male robin is because the similar reason to Wii Fit Trainer, like the female trainer was the one revealed in her trailer, the male Robin was the first one seen in the trailer and most likely to be the default genders in the character selection.

Meta Knight has been reconfirmed to comeback for SSB4! But, due to his long confirmation will he still a God Tier OR is he well balanced now?

Shulk from "Xenoblade Chronicles" has been confirmed for SSB4! Wow another 3rd party character, The "leaks" are coming more and more true. But despite seeing the "leaks" I'm still surprised Shulk is in. I played the game I loved it. But "Xenoblade Chronicles" is not that well known.

I've added Ness, Wario and Flaco because they are posted on the official site. I've already got the game, I've already unlocked every character in the game (and one character I'm a bit disappointed over then the others) and yes and thanks to Majora999 I have the Official renders of all the hidden characters of SSB4 as well.
Now as much as I would like to post all of them together. There are some people who don't have the game, but are still keeping track on the website. So I'll just copy Sakurai and just post characters that have been revealed on the site. Hopefully he'll post all of them soon

Dark Pit officially confirmed on the SSB4 website and has been added. And also added the official SSB4 render of "sigh" Dr. Mario.

I mean really? Out of ALL the past clones, they choose Mario in a doctor's clothes over Mewtwo, Lucas, Wolf or even Roy for that matter who are their own characters?!

At least with Dark Pit and Lucina they are their own person in their games. Lucina is the great granddaughter of Marth and Dark Pit was brought to life by the Mirror of Truth. Therefore Dark Pit is his own individual person

But with Dr. Mario, he's not a power-up, he's not a version or alternate form they separated like Link/Toon Link, Zelda/Sheik or Samus/Zero Suit Samus.
Depite the "Dr. Mario" game being a spin off from the classic "Mario" games. It's still just Mario in a Doctor's Suit. That's why I and a lot of other fans wanted Dr. Mario (and Dr. Luigi) to be alternate costumes

I can only hope the custom movesets will help make Dr. Mario (and to some extent Dark Pit and Lucina) feel different from Mario(, Pit and Marth)

Added the official renders of Ganondorf and R.O.B since they were confirmed today.

The crack of light on Ganondorf's chest just screams "Aim Here, it's my current weak spot," it's a tad funny

Although I'm a tad confused about something. Its a little thing, it's just I'm pondering over it

Why did Sakurai post R.O.B. in his Brawl colours (which in my opinion looks cooler) on the website.
When in the 3DS (spoilers) when you fight R.O.B to make him playable and when you choose R.O.B in the character selection screen, his colours are what they were when he was an accessory for the SNES?

I know R.O.B's Brawl colours is an alternate look for R.O.B, but was there a slight error in development that someone made R.O.B's SNES colour scheme the standard/default look for R.O.B in the Character selection menu or did Sakurai just like his Brawl colours better and posted it on the site?

I'll probably go with the later, seems simpler

From the Nintendo Direct today I've added both Bowser Jr and Mr Game & Watch now that they are in the website now. Don't know why Sakurai didn't just post all of them now, Jigglypuff was seen in the Direct without her being on the website yet.

Sort of feel bad for Dark Pit and Dr. Mario, technically Dark Pit is a Newcomer and Dr. Mario is a returning retiree, yet they don't have a intro videos like Bowser Jr.

But meh, they're clones.

Similar, but a LOT more trophy pics manips, music and stage building content then in Brawl.

So eight player Smash! That's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

Reverse chronological order All-Stars Mode than in the 3DS

Pit now takes Snake's place with codec messages, talks to the Gods from Kid Icarus in the Palutena's Temple stage.

Smash Tour, Master Orders, Crazy Orders

Ridley is in the game, but is a stage hazard, unless you or another player or com player deal enough damage he'll fight alongside those that damaged him the most.
Similar to Flying Man in Magicant, but you just have to walk past Flying Man to recruit him not fight him, and even if you do manage to KO Flying Man it won't count as a KO unlike if you KO Ridley.
(Definitely know who I want playable for SSB5, they've already got the awesome moves, just make them playable)

And Mewtwo WILL come be a playable fighter for SSB4, he's just under development. This gives me a SLIGHT ray of hope that if they'll still give use downloadable characters for both versions of the game, hopefully they'll fix the Ice Climbers problem on 3DS version
(I heard rumors that Nana wasn't running back to Popo after her threw her with their Up B or wasn't coming back to him at all when they were separated, can somebody please correct me?)

What was your favourite thing on the Nintendo Direct today?
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
59 deviations


I am now officially closing the requests for SSB4

it's Big night before the release of SSB4. Get rested up and collect your copy of SSB4 and go wild with it

Maybe until SSB5. See ya! ;)


Hello, there I’m finished with my fanfic, so I’ll be returning to make SSB4 requests, but there is defiantly going to be a few changes.

Well first off

The previous 8 rules still stand. There won’t be any changes to them (until further notice) and I’m grateful that a large number of you follow those 8.

However I want EVERYONE to read and follow rule 9

9. There will now be a 1 CHARACTER PER COMMENT limit.

The reason I closed down before was because I was receiving  ridiculous number of requests. Majority of those numbers belong to just two different users. And those users kept requesting even if their previous requests aren't even posted yet.


I WILL NOT, be accepting comments that have more than one character requests. I will merely reply to you “One character per request,”

And also I WILL NOT be accepting requests even if the user put them in separate comments, that is merely piling up requests as I previously mentioned with the one character per comment.

I’m sorry for being really uptight about this but I’m doing this for 4 reasons.

  • I’ve got a paying job. All jobs require your attention. And I work 6am-7pm and only have two days off during the week
  • There is some unrelated SSB4 stuff I’d like to post in Deviantart
  • I DO have a life outside my job and Deviantart
  • But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’m fed up of people giving me a large number of requests that would require me more than one day to complete.

It’s not fair towards me, because I feel like I’m being taken advantage of on something I generously do for free.
But more importantly, it’s not fair for OTHER Deviants that only have ONE character to request, but I’m too busy spending time on one Deviant’s 10 requests at a time.

So to make it fair for all, I will be accepting requests one at a time per request and YOU CAN have another request, but you need to WAIT UNTIL your previous request is done.

And with work, I’d most likely post every week Hopefully that will calm people down a bit when they request instead of requesting every day.

If you have any further questions to ask or have do not understand, feel free to ask me.

The original 8 rules are just below


For those who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. If you have seen the SSB4 trailers for the new characters they had a pic saying things like:
Villager: "Comes to Town!"…
Mega Man: "Joins the Battle!"…
Wii Fit Trainer: "Weighs In!":
Rosalina and Luma "Launch Into Battle!"…
That's what I'll be making.

Due to past experiences with taking requests when I was making Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale fan-made rivalies. I decided to make a few rules.

1. When requesting a character you MUST have an Entry Line for them.
E.g. Dillon: "Rolls into the Fight!"
I CAN'T do ALL the work you need to do your part to. I not going to make a request than later on have people complain "That's not the entry line I wanted." I CAN'T read minds so you need to tell me what you want for you request.

Also there entry line must be appropriate e.g. NO SWEARS 

Another thing could you make entry-line relating to the your requested character or Super Smash Bros related

And be a little creative with entry lines, don't be too repetitive otherwise your request will just be boring 

2. You HAVE to tell me the MAIN COLOUR of the background YOU want.

3. The background itself for your request IS OPTIONAL, although it would be more easier on me to send a link on what background you would like me to use for request and you don't end up disappointed.

Also you can either tell me what theme of the background you want. E.g. If you want a sunset background for your request than you'll get a sunset background

Due to past requests. When you send a link on what background you would like me to use, can you NOT REQUEST an artwork that belongs to a different Devianart or Tumblr user. I do not feel comfortable stealing someone else's artwork for a background for these requests.

4. This time I won't be doing doubles, if a person requested a character before you, even if you have a different entry line. Also if you request a character that a different user has already done I'll post you the link to it.

E.g. If you want Prince Sable from "For the Frog the Bell Tolls" someone else has already done it and here's the link…

5. 3rd party characters are okay, basically any character that was or does have a game on the Nintendo system I will do

Also they have to be come from gaming origins, but if there is character that's not from gaming origins, (E.g Mickey Mouse) but ACTUALLY HAS a chance due to there gaming history (Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey) I might consider making SSB4 entire for them

6.Also when requesting a character can you please tell me which game they're from.

7. Characters MUST be originated from video games, I'm not doing any anime or cartoon characters. I still won't do it if that show has a game on Nintendo.
E.g. Ash Ketchum is from the Pokemon anime and is known to be the star of that anime so I won't do a request of him.

And I'm not doing any OC's. Nothing personal I like OC's because it shows creativity of their owners but I'm going to busy with iconic game characters. I don't want to waste on made up characters.

8. Games like "Kingdom Hearts" and "Epic Mickey" that uses Disney characters, I'll only make an exception for Disney Characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. They are the MAIN cast and have the MAJOR roles in the games and I will ONLY use their game models from those particular games, And any other Disney characters is a no go. I love Disney (just look at my gallery) but this is Super Smash Bros related lets stick with characters that actually have a chance on getting in

Okay that's it for now let the requests begin!

Circus Charlie for SSB4 by Elemental-Aura
Circus Charlie for SSB4
Circus Charlie from "Circus Charlie" for SSB4

Request from

I'm FULLY aware of the confirmed roster already.


The final of Super Smash Bros All-Stars Battle Royale…

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pp7jones Featured By Owner 2 days ago
After you get it on the 3DS can you get Super Smash Bros on the WiiU
Elemental-Aura Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I am planning to buy both versions of the game if that's what you mean
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Check out my Princesses in Modern Times gallery…

Which is your favorite pic and why is that your pic?

Also I'm taking request on this. Name the princess or an altered version of that princess. I just need to find a good pic though.
Elemental-Aura Featured By Owner 2 days ago
My personal favourite is pic with Alice.

Compared to the others, minus Estellise (not meaning to offend you) Alice and Estellise are the more believable pics.

The background of the photo is suitable for Alice, because she is a Disney character you can always expect a Disney character to be around a Disney Store (another suitable location for Alice would be England. Because that's the origin country where every Alice in Wonderland stories originated from)

With the Alice photo it looks very well done it looks like you were across the street with Alice and took a close-up photo of her with the Disney Store behind her

With Estellise it looks like she jumped into our era and you decided to have a lovely close-up pic of her

The other pics (not meaning to offend you, just being honest) it looks like "Giant Princesses raiding the modern city" (except for Spirit Tracks Ghost Zelda because she's a ghost it looks like she was flying closely by when you took the photo, but maybe you should make her a bit transparent for the ghostly affect and mabe put her in a peaceful graveyard or a castle)

If you want to put full body shots of princesses or any other character in pics you need to think "What size will they be if they are in real life" and most of your pictures they are giants compared to the normal human.

So think ideal locations where you would expect to find certain characters and make them believable heights you would think they be when standing next to other people if you want full body shots of them.

With close-up shots like you did with Alice, Estellise and Ghost Zelda they are perfect

Again, sorry if I offended you
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That's ok, Glad you like some.

Check this out also:…
megamanhxh Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the watch!
Heath2 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
By the way Dark Pit is NOT a villain. He's an anti-hero, meaning he is to be below the bad guys with those that are good and neutral in status.
Elemental-Aura Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
I'm well aware of that, but thank you though.

That's why I don't consider Mewtwo, King Dedede or Meta Knight villains as well.

A lot of people consider Mewtwo a villain because of the first MOVIE. I love that movie, but in the Pokémon GAMES. Mewtwo does not play a villainous role. (That and people seem to always forget that Mewtwo reformed at the end of the movie)

Meta Knight is a friend/rival (frival) towards Kirby.

As for King Dedede it's debateable. In the early Kirby games he was the main antagonists, but in the later ones he became some what of a rival and a friend to Kirby
Guilimasantos Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Student General Artist
When The Requests Will Return?
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist…
Thought you might be interested in this, in this journal I repeat a quote from the lead at Omega Force (studio behind the Warriors games including Hyrule Warriors) He mentiones he would like to work on another project with Nintendo, specifically something like Smash Bro's. Below that is my concept for "Super Smash Warriors."
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