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Disney Princesses with Moana by Elemental-Aura
Disney Princesses with Moana
Disney Princesses with Moana (girl between Jamine and Aurora) her which is coming out around November with the movie named after her and will also have a Polynesian background. Will she join the official princesses or will it pull another Frozen where it's too popular as it's own franchise she doesn't need to join the princesses

But as you can see the render is a bit pixelated, hopefully around the movies release I will find a better render to use
Disney Princesses with Elena (Coronation Dress) by Elemental-Aura
Disney Princesses with Elena (Coronation Dress)
Disney Princesses with Elena wearing her Coronation Dress

What I like about Elena's Coronation Dress is not only does she blend in with those who do wear ball-gowns but the dress itself does reflect on her Latin-America Culture which the other Princesses dresses doesn't pull off quite as well

And if you thought the dress is a good representation of Latin-America Culture watch this video link

Those who are from Latin-American nationality please, don't think Disney doesn't care about your culture because Elena hasn't started off as a movie, they really are putting a lot of care and consideration in putting a lot reference of Latino culture when they creating the world of Avalor, just give them a chance and we'll see if Elena will become a success
Disney Princesses with Elena by Elemental-Aura
Disney Princesses with Elena
Wow, it's been awhile since I've done Disney stuff (or submitted anything in Deviantart)

Well for starters if you haven't heard, Elena (red-dress girl between Pocahontas and Aurora) is Disney's first take on a Latin-American Princess. And stars in her own TV series Elena of Avalor Watch opening here
(Which the first episode has already been released a week ago so, if your interested go to YouTube, WatchCartoonOnline, Animeflavor or wherever you like to watch your cartoons on the internet

Some of you maybe thinking "Wait? TV series? Wouldn't a cinema release bring more recognition to her and her show?"
The answer, yes. There already has been a debate about that when the show was in development.

But at the same time, I theorised I think this is Disney's way to reach out to the internet community regarding to their channels.
They've probably seen the success of other Networks and their original cartoon.
(E.g. Cartoon Network and the STRONG fanbase it obtained from the success of Steven Universe)

Disney maybe trying to bring fans, new and old. Back with something original like Elena of Avalor

And you also need to remember despite that Elena may have been revealed in Disney Junior's "Sofia the First," (Spoilers: Sofia the Amulet of Avalor. Elena's consciousness has been trapped inside it for 41 years)
She will be viewed on Disney Channel NOT Disney Junior.
Which is a good step to try and bring some Disney Classic 3D animation back to their channels since it's overrun with live-action shows older fans take little to no interests in.
So Elena of Avalor will definitely stick out the most in the Disney Channel. And with Gravity Falls finished, and with Season 2 of Star vs the Forces of Evil back  (another show which is talked a lot in the internet community but not on the same level as Steven Universe) it can't carry the burden of the bringing viewers to all the Disney Channels by itself it needs to share that burden with someone.
And what better way than a TV series that feels like it should be a movie.

And after watching the first episode is good like Walt Disney Animation good. Even though it does share the same art style as Sofia the First. It's no secret that people immediately turn away from anything relating to Disney Junior because they strongly believe the show is for toddlers, but there is a number of adults it does appeal to. Other than completely going for the newer dress and hair designs when they 3dfy the Princesses in certain episodes and the moral of the episode coming a mile away. The show is defiantly NOT  lazy. The art style is worthy of being a successor to Disney's recent 3D animated films. The show is detailed and beautiful it doesn't at all look childish it really is visually appealing. And if Sofia goes to a new location it doesn't feel like a copy and paste on a previous location Sofia's been it various and diverse. Heck even when Sofia is around places she's already been we been, Sofia is mostly in a different area, so places like the castle or the village just keeps on expanding, giving the sense of adventure and mystery that we haven't fully explored yet.

So if the show gains enough popularity, hopefully we get a Disney Channel Original Movie more on Elena's past before she got trapped in the Amulet and know a bit more on the villain who trapped her and more on her parents who we don't know
And after her adventures and when Elena is ready to become Queen. Either a new or old enemy will be in the way to seize her coronation. The show could have her own movie based on that idea

But never the less. Elena I wish for you the best of luck for your series to be popular and recognised

A few notes:
1. Since Frozen has been WAY successful in the box office and Frozen has been selling fine as it's own franchise. Anna and Elsa are NOT officially part of the Disney Princess Line-up
2. As much as I hate the new designs with the princesses with the hair extensions, glittery and dresses that look nothing like the ones they wore in their movies. They did a great job and making Rapunzel and Merida's faces look exactly like they are in their movies (although I had to add freckles on Rapunzel and changed her dress to match her movie one more)
Detective Pikachu meets Ayumi Tachibana by Elemental-Aura
Detective Pikachu meets Ayumi Tachibana
Just letting you guys know I'm still alive, and no I'm no doing SSB4 requests (for the mean time)

If you don't know what Detective Pikachu is here's a link…

So Detective Pikachu is a game that is being released in Japan in February 3rd and in all honesty I would like this game to have an English release. Something about having a talking deep voice Pikachu intrigues me. And people wanting Danny DeVito as Pikachu's English voice is just pure genius. I hope Nintendo can do it

For those who have no idea who Ayumi is from the Famicom Detective Club, she is Nintendo's own detective much like 3rd party, detective and lawyer Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton. But unfortunately unlike those two. Ayumi is not as popular, she is mostly remembered by retro Nintendo gamers and those who have have downloaded her game on the Virtual Console.

I've seen artist making crossovers of Detective Pikachu with Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright and no surprise there is no mentions of Ayumi, so I decided to fix that.

I feel bad for Ayumi, I mean no offense to Tim (the guy in the red jacket that looks like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh) I just felt like Ayumi would've blended in so well with this game and it's style. Ayumi travels to London (or whatever the region Detective Pikachu is from) and she gets involved solving a case with Detective Pikachu. But her franchise is basically dead anyway so it doesn't matter

And thanks to :iconthatkidwiththeafro: I found out that Ayumi Smashified render belonged to Gonzales in Pixiv…
Please Do NOT request on this journal page.
IF I do re-open requests again please request here… or in one of my artworks. I already had a hard time keeping track on incoming requests. (So like before)

Okay. Despite the fact I'm working a bit more, I'm still too cheep to buy the premium version of Deviantart (maybe I should ask for 1 point per request)
So instead of a poll, I will be evaluating if I should return based on your comments.

Now, majority of you know by now from today's Nintendo Direct. That not only Mewtwo is returning as DLC for SSB4, but so is Lucas (but in June)
I'm thinking this will be everyone's last chance to put a video-game originated character as a request before Sakurai stops the DLC for SSB4

So basically, if Sakurai keeps up with the DLC, I'll keep doing requests.

And now, with the new Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. This will be a fun free way for requesters to promote characters they wish to have in SSB4

I need a little computer motivation back and it's been awhile since I've touched Photoshop, and not to mention some characters I've come a crossed myself to make fan-made SSB4 entries for so I'm up for it.

And also, I was so happy that people followed the last 9 rules from before. So I'm pleased to say NONE of the rules be changed or added.

So what will it be everyone?

Please comeback, you've been somewhat missed. And I'm glad you make fan-made requests for free?


I've found someone else to do my requests. So sit back relax and let Nintendo announce characters when they're finished developing them?

I will make my decision on April 15th (so around when I get my Mewtwo DLC on the WiiU and 3DS)

i await your your comments to make my final choice.

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ToonKing2 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will you please make renders for Angela, Psy-Cobra and EggGirl Shadaisy? I want to see what my characters look like in 3D.
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Now that Smash DLC is over, what are you going to request next? SSB5 DLC wish lists?
No, I only did that because :iconheath2: caught me in a moment that I don't know my next move was

For now, after I did a lot of requests for others. I think I need to to stay away from doing requests for others. Otherwise I'll start despising it and to an extent hate coming to Deviantart, knowing there's always a request waiting for me.

So right now, I'm going to see if I can find my inspiration to something new or something similar  that I want to do, post things in Deviantart when I want to, but at my own pace like I did before doing requests. And if I feel happy with what I'm doing I might just be willing to take on requests from others.

I actually got a new printer that's also a scanner and a fax machine, I might consider taking up hand-drawing, I've always been envious on other deviants and their hand-drawn or digitally made artworks. And I may not have been great at it compared to others, I've always been comfortable drawing on actual paper than on a computer screen. So maybe after a little practice, I might post it Deviantart
Heath2 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
Good night. I left you another request note if you are interested.
Heath2 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Merry Christmas
Japanfan89 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Student Writer
Hey remember me I'm the guy who commented on 1 of your HiroXViolet pics a few months ago around July I think it was.

How's it going, I wrote a few stories myself since that time (including some which it crosses over with Godzilla, but not actually connected).

Also read the guy's fan fiction story on the crossover, not bad I would say, hopefully I hope my stories are up to par (no pun intended).
Bob8644 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Student Artist
Oh, happy late birthday. :3

Got a request for ya:
Steve Digs In!


Bob8644 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Student Artist
Fixed Character Image:…
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oh, I see. sorry
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